Outfit: Black, White & Sassy All Over




I’m Wearing: Forever 21 top (similar)  |  Kenar Palazzo Pants (similar)  |  Merona Neon Crossbody Bag (similar)  |  BCBGeneration bracelet (similar)  |  H&M rings  (aff)

So…it’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit of the day. I know. What can I say? The combination of having an infant in the house and working from home has made it a lot less likely that I’ll get “dressed” on any given day. I mean, I’ll change out of my pajamas. Sometimes. But dressing up? Not something I’ve been doing a lot these days. Especially since my post-baby body still doesn’t fit into a lot of my pre-baby clothes the way it used to, with few exceptions. Like these pants. These wonderful, wonderful pants.



Do ya’ll remember these pants from way back in March when I shared 5 ways to style a tank top? I said that I was going to live in them for the summer. Well, my prediction was spot on. These are so cool and lightweight and comfortable that I’ve found tons of ways to wear them. They’re my go-to when I need to leave the house in a hurry and look like I actually tried, even if I didn’t.



This time, all I did was throw on my new favorite t-shirt from Forever 21 and add some fun accessories for a pop of color. No earrings and no necklace, because baby Juliza has a radar for those, and they’d end up in her mouth in two seconds flat whenever I hold her.

And speaking of my family, only they can make me smile like this…


I had to get my hubby to take a couple of shots with my girls. It helps that Juliza’s outfit happened to match my bracelet, but I really like getting pics of all of us when I can, since I tend to be the one behind the camera most of the time.

Ja’Naya is turning into one heck of a young lady. And can you believe how big baby Juliza is getting? I know you see her in her monthly pics, but her size is more obvious when you see her next to her sister and I.



My baby is a biggun, and I love her. All the more chub to snuggle, and I do that often.


Honestly though, I promise I’ll try to do better. I really do love posting outfits, and I kind of need the incentive to get dressed. So I make no promises, but I’m trying to get back on the ball.


I’m Wearing: Forever 21 top (similar)  |  Kenar Palazzo Pants (similar)  |  Merona Neon Crossbody Bag (similar)  |  BCBGeneration bracelet (similar)  |  H&M rings  (aff)

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