Baby Juliza: Month 6

Ummm. Apparently, I blinked and wound up with a 6-month-old baby on my hands.


I feel like I suddenly woke up to a child with tons of personality who can sit up and is interested in real food and who has hair I have to detangle. I’m amazed at how much her hair has grown. I amazed at how much SHE has grown. We haven’t had her 6 month appointment yet, but let me just give you an overview:

  1. She’s currently wearing 9 months size clothes. And they’re very close to being too small. I’ll give her another week or two before I have to switch to 12 months.
  2. My nieces call her “fat baby.” I’m perfectly OK with that.
  3. She’s heavy. To stand with her in your arms for 15 minutes means to switch dominant arms several times.
  4. I’m pretty sure she has nearly quadrupled her birth weight.

This breast milk stuff — I tell you what. It’s like magic juice. (In marginally related news, I have a new post about that coming soon).


She’s hit some great milestones too.

As evidenced by the video above (and my entirely too happy voice), she can sit up on her own. That’s why this month’s picture deviates from all the others. I thought we’d celebrate her achievement by taking the photo outside in the grass. That was a challenge, though. This was one of only a few times we’ve had a hard time getting her to smile. The texture of grass, the trees, the wind, the birds chirping. All much more interesting than mom and her camera.

Still, I got this great shot, and I kind of love it. She looks so…grown up 🙂

And speaking of smiles. This child lives with a smile on her face. She’s happy all the time. She wakes up smiling. She smiles when she eats. She smiles when she passes gas. Need evidence? Here you go.

Does that paint the picture?

The sole exception to all this happy is when she’s overstimulated and sleepy. Then, she’s a chubby ball of fuss and tears. We’re working on it. Mama has become her comfort at bedtime, so I’ve really got to work on getting her to fall asleep on her own.

The good news? She’s still sleeping peacefully in her own crib, and soon she’ll be in her own room. That’s right! We’re moving in a few weeks! Still renting, but we’ll be in an almost brand new house with a backyard and a bedroom for everyone. So we’ll be able to work on her bedtime routine without disturbing her big sister.

We’re really proud of our little jellybean and how far she has come. Now we have to prepare for teeth. And crawling. And all manner of new skills that will challenge us both. And potentially drive me a little bit crazy. I can’t wait.

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  1. Jennae.

    It’s been such fun to watch her grow. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing every step and how fortunate that she’s such a happy girl. Like her big sister, right? Excited for your move and know you’ll be coming up with some decorating posts not too far in the future. Hope the move is an easy one for all. Lynn

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