Review: Loving the Urbini Omni Baby Travel System

When I’m shopping for big ticket baby gear, there are a few basic criteria I try to keep in mind:

  • Durability. I don’t want to spend a pretty penny on something that’s not going to last.
  • Functionality and ease of use. Because I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out how something works.
  • Affordability. Because we’re on a budget.
  • *Bonus: Fabulosity? I kid with that word, but it would be still great for anything we buy to also look fabulous. Because lets be real: Lots of baby gear is straight up hideous, and mama don’t do hideous.

When Walmart offered to let me try a baby product that would deliver on all those criteria, how could I say no?


The Urbini Omni 3-in-1 Travel System is a lightweight stroller and car seat system with urban, contemporary styling that is designed to last through toddlerhood. For $199, it comes with an infant car seat and base, along with a stroller frame and a seat that converts from a bassinet setup for an infant to an upright toddler stroller seat.

Unlike many travel systems, the car seat doesn’t attach on top of the full sized stroller. In those cases, the car seat usually snaps right above the built-in stroller seat. Instead, you can remove the seat altogether and use the lightweight frame with just the carseat.


This makes for a much more compact setup. Check out this video to see the Omni in action with 8 reasons I already love it:

In case you didn’t watch the video, here are those reasons, with a couple bonuses tacked on for good luck:

1. The carseat base was really easy to install in our minivan.

2. The carseat snaps in and out of the base smoothly, making car trips simple. We don’t have to jostle the baby around in the process trying to get her in and out of the car.

3. The bassinet is a great option for my baby, who is bigger than most babies her age and isn’t a fan of being in the car seat for very long. It gives her some breathing room.

4. It’s easy to switch between bassinet/seat and car seat. Just a few buttons to remove one, and the other snaps right in.

5. It’s easy to switch between rear facing and front facing configurations. So baby can look at me or turn around to see the world.

6. The stroller handle is adjustable into several positions for parents of varying heights. This means my husband and I are each able to find a setting that is comfortable for us. Nice, since he’s about 5 inches taller than I am. This is one of those features I remember wishing for on our strollers when my older daughter was a baby.

7. The stroller frame is easy to collapse and set up. Our previous stroller was a pain to collapse, even after lots of practice. This just requires pushing a few buttons on the handles, and it collapses smoothly and quickly. It pops up equally as fast.

8. The entire setup is really lightweight and considerably less bulky than the traditional car-seat-on-top-of-stroller configuration. That means it’s easier to steer and fit into smaller spaces, like a public bathroom stall, for example.

Bonus 1. It’s pretty. Forgive this style-obsessed, but that matters to me. It’s modern and sleek, and that fits right into my design sensibilities.

Bonus 2. The storage rack on the bottom of the stroller frame is easily accessible. This was a big problem with our other stroller. It was difficult to put anything in the storage basket, so I wound up always carrying stuff in my hands.


I recently went on a trip for Walmart (more on that soon), and I took the Omni with me since baby Juliza traveled with me in the keepbabyclose baby carrier. I chose to travel with just the stroller frame and the car seat, and let me tell you — it made traveling a breeze. Seriously. If I wasn’t convinced about this system just from use at home, this trip offered complete confirmation about how great it is. I was able to push and steer the stroller easily with one hand and pull my suitcase with the other, collapse it easily to go through security and to check it onto the plane in the jetway, and set it up quickly on the way out of the plane.

If I have any complaints, and it’s honestly difficult to find one, it’s that I have to find a place to store the large seat attachment. While Juliza is still little enough to fit in the car set, we’ll likely use just that with the frame most of the time. So we have to keep the bassinet/seat somewhere. While the frame is relatively compact, the seat does take up a lot of space in the trunk of our van. Still, that’s a small inconvenience for what is a really versatile and functional system. Simply put, the pros very clearly outweigh the cons.

I can honestly say that I unequivocally recommend this to moms who are looking for an option that is lightweight, but still sturdy and incredibly easy to operate — a plus when you’re dealing with a fussy baby or just need to get where you’re going in a hurry. And if you’re a frequent traveler, you really can’t beat this system. We love the Omni!

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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