St. Patrick’s Day DIY: Shamrock Headband & Tutu

I’ll admit: When I was growing up, we didn’t make a very big deal of St. Patrick’s Day. We’d make jokes about leprechauns and pots of gold, but that was about it. So when Walmart challenged me to share a themed craft project for the holiday, I admit I was stumped at first. But having a cute, rolly polly baby around always makes it easier to come up with project ideas. And I know this: Thanks to just a few supplies from Walmart, she’ll be — hands down — the cutest baby on the block come March 17.


Wanna make your baby cute(r) too? I thought you might 🙂

Shamrock Headband Tutorial


You’ll need:


Finding four-leaf clovers was one of the few things I did like to do for St. Patrick’s Day as a kid, and I’d walk around feeling like I won the luck lottery. So I figured I’ll make it easy for Juliza to find a lucky shamrock: I’ll just put it on her head 🙂

This project is pretty simple. You’ll need to cut out four shapes from your green felt, like so:


I cut them freehand, but here’s a handy JPG template, if you think you’ll need one.


Just save it on your computer, print it out, cut it out from paper, and use it as a pattern to cut the felt. Feel free to resize it as necessary, as it will probably print pretty large. These will become the petals of the shamrock.

You’ll need to thread the four petals together, leaving a few inches of string at either end. Be sure to thread them so that they will gather.


Cut the string to remove the needle, and simply pull the two ends of the string together. The petals will gather and create an awesome clover. Tie the ends together to secure them.


Finally, use your needle and thread to attach the shamrock to your headband. I considered using hot glue (as indicated by the supply photo above), but thought better of it, since hot glue and a stretchy headband don’t seem very compatible.


Anyway, that’s it! Now for the icing on the green cake: The baby tutu.

St. Patrick’s Day Tutu-torial


You’ll Need:


  • Green ribbon
  • Rolls of green and white tulle
  • Scissors

Tutu making is really easy, but it can be a bit time consuming. Making one for a baby with a relatively small waist cuts the time requirement back considerably.

First, you’ll need to measure your child’s waist. Measure a 20″ length of ribbon, but do not cut it off. Tie a knot at the 20″ mark. Measure from that knot around your child’s waist. Make another knot at the proper length. Finally, add another 20″ inches to the other end, and cut the ribbon from the roll.


You’ll be tying the tulle between the two knots signifying the size of your child’s waist.

You can buy yard of tulle to make this, but I find it easier to use premade rolls. The length of tulle you cut will depend on the size of the child. My baby is 2 months old, so I didn’t need the tutu to be very long at all. I cut a few dozen 12″ lengths of tulle — both green and white.


To create the tutu, you’ll tie these pieces of tulle to the ribbon. Bunch one 12″ piece of tulle in your hands, and fold it in half. Put your finger through the loop created at the fold. Lay the folded end under the ribbon.


Fold the ends over the front of the ribbon and pull them through the loop. Pull the tulle as tight as you can, and push it to the knot at one end of the ribbon.


You can alternate colors as you wish. The white tulle I chose had glitter embedded in it, and I didn’t want a lot of glitter all over baby. So I used one piece of white tulle for every three pieces of green.


Then do this a couple dozen more times until you’ve covered the entire length of ribbon between the two knots. The result is pretty cool looking, if I do say so myself 🙂


Paired with a white onesie and some leggings, the headband and tutu give my baby the perfect outfit to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day.

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Juliza is sooooo cute in this pic! Thank you for this tutorial, because I’ll be a brand new auntie in June and I’m saving all this stuff to help my sister out! This one is a must do.

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