New Workout Gear for the New Year

To be honest, I never really make New Year’s resolutions. At least not ones related to fitness or weight loss. Because honestly, my history with these resolutions is that I give them up inside a month. And this year, weight loss was the last thing on my mind, since I expected to be pregnant until the end of January.

Of course, my little lady surprised us a few weeks early, and now I’m starting to think about getting back in shape. You may recall that I lost more than 60 pounds last year, before I got pregnant. And while I’m not going back to a strict weight loss regimen since I am breastfeeding, I do need to start working out again to rebuild strength. So when Walmart challenged me to choose some new, affordable workout gear, I knew I could use it.

For me, working out means dancing. Usually in the form of Zumba or challenging dance routines from the Just Dance and Dance Central video game franchises. However, I’ve learned that dancing barefoot usually leads to ankle pain later. But most sneakers don’t work on top of carpet. So I set out in Walmart’s shoe department trying to find a comfy pair of shoes that would work for this purpose.


I really loved all the sneaker options from Avia, a brand I’ve been familiar with for as long as I can remember. Even the most expensive pair was less than $30, and I loved the fact that the insoles were made of 70% recycled materials, including plastic bottles. (aff)

However, when I tried on several pairs, they didn’t really work for me. The styles available in my size, were more on the running shoe side with thick rubber soles. I knew they would have no slip when dancing on top of carpet. And since my feet — umm — expanded while I was pregnant, I’m between sizes. And the fit on the Avias just wasn’t quite right for my purpose.

Instead, I opted for a pair of Danskin workout sneakers. The thinner soles will work better for dancing, and the fabric upper is really comfortable. Plus, the colors just make me want to dance 🙂


At just $16.88, I really couldn’t pass them up.

But my shopping wasn’t done. Post-pregnancy, I’ve also found myself in need of some new sports bras. Breastfeeding has created the need for roomier, more comfortable cups, and most of my existing bras just don’t fit right any more.




I found these Danskin Now 360 sports bras for just under $10 that are flexible, but supportive and offer good separation, unlike many sports bras that just squish the “ladies” together. (add)

Now, once I get over the inevitable sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn at home, I’ll be ready to get my dance on and get my leg and core strength back.

What do you do to motivate yourself to work out? Does buying new gear help get you in the mood?

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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