Have a Family Friendly New Year’s Eve

I can’t lie: I’ve spent pretty much every New Year’s Eve of my adult life at home with my family. We usually don’t do a whole lot to celebrate, but we often do stay awake to watch the ball drop in Times Square and have a tradition of calling family just after midnight to ring in the New Year. But in recent years, I’ve been wanting to do something else. Something more memorable. I’d love to start a new tradition with our kids so they’ll have something fun to remember when they’re older.

However, this very pregnant mama hasn’t exactly been doing well at staying awake until midnight lately. In fact, 9 p.m. usually finds me asleep. All of this to say that when Walmart challenged me to share a New Year’s Eve idea, I knew I wanted to incorporate my whole family, but I had no idea how. I just knew it had to be something fun, and something that would keep this exhausted mama-to-be awake.

I walked in my local store and the answer was right in front of me: fireworks and board games.


That may seem like an unlikely combination of things, but hear me out.

This year, we’ll be at my mom’s house where she has large front and back yards, a long, concrete driveway and only a handful of neighbors — a much better location for shooting off fireworks than our heavily populated apartment complex. Plus, in Georgia, only very mild fireworks are legal, so these are more the type that fizzle and sparkle than the type that shoot high up into the sky. In other words, as fireworks go, these are pretty safe. And my hubby will be the one doing the lighting.

Walmart did have an awesome selection of legal fireworks kits at a variety of price points. We chose the $19.97 kit, which seemed to offer a nice variety of options.

Still, fireworks will only keep our attention for a small portion of the night. Keeping that in mind, we also picked up Hedbanz: Act Up, a new twist on the popular Hedbanz game series. If you’re not familiar with it, these are the basic rules: Each player wears a headband with a card on it, which you cannot see. In the original Hedbanz game and Hedbanz for Kids, you have to ask yes or no questions to help narrow down whatever is on your card. In the kids’ version, the cards are pretty easy to guess: animals, food, etc. (aff)


In this version, each person still wears a card, but the new twist is that instead of asking questions to guess what’s on your own card, you have to watch the other players act out hints. They must do this without using words, props or formal sign language. Think of it as a new spin on charades.


We decided to give the game a try before New Year’s Eve, and all I can say is that it’s a hilariously great time. Things got physical and funny pretty much immediately.


And it should definitely succeed in keeping us all awake until midnight, when we can ring in the new year having a good time. I genuinely can’t wait to play it with a house full of people. So much fun!

So, what are your plans for celebrating the New Year? Do you try to do things that include the whole family?

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