33 Week Baby Bumpdate

So, I’m a slacker. I promised myself I would write one of these every 2 weeks, but let’s just say mama has been two things lately: busy, and tired. So last week got away from me before I got a chance to write an update.

In my defense, not a whole lot has changed in the past few weeks — physically, anyway. Except. You know. My belly has gotten bigger and I can see less and less of my feet. Speaking of which, here’s the belly shot:


Other than the growing bump, I’m feeling pretty much the same: Tired often, occasionally sore in interesting places, and thankful for my doctor’s push to take a daily acid reducer, because the heartburn was kicking my butt before!

More than anything, the excitement — and a mild sense of panic at the fact that I will soon have another tiny human to care for — are building.

She’s getting bigger by the day, and I can physically feel her various body parts when I rub my belly now. This has led to my attempts to visualize what she looks like. I failed miserably at this with my older daughter, though what she actually looked like was about a million times more beautiful that I could’ve imagined. So all of this is probably in vain. My time would likely be better spent visualizing her sleeping through the night and being a generally easy baby. Did you hear that, God?

I’ve also been thinking about the birth a bit. I am going to lay something out right now: I plan to have an epidural. That may sound crazy coming from a self-proclaimed green mama, but one must know thyself. And I do not have a high tolerance for pain. I will breastfeed, I will cloth diaper, I will try to surround my baby with the most natural, non-toxic environment possible. But I want to have a good birth experience. And for me, that means pain management.

I was in active labor with my older daughter for about 13 hours — after the first 12 spent at home with moderate, irregular contractions for most of the day. I can’t imagine how much it would’ve sucked to be in pain for all those hours on end. Instead, I had an epidural and slept as a labored overnight, waking up every few hours when the nurses came to check on me or when I woke to see how things were progressing. I woke at about 6 in the morning, relaxed while I labored, and delivered my daughter about 2 and a half hours later. That last push (literally) was painful, but thanks to the epidural, I had the strength to handle it. The only side effect was that I had to stay in bed for a few hours while the meds wore off and I itched a bit. Not intolerable at all.

So say what you will about natural birth, and I commend any woman who does it. But every mama has to decide what’s best for herself, and I choose meds.

Another exciting development is that the nursery is almost done. We found an awesome secondhand crib, added an organic crib mattress, put down a gorgeous FLOR rug on top of carpet (which we thought was not possible before), and put up the dresser/changer and bookshelf this week. Now we just have to find a cushy rocker or chair for nursing and add some decorative finishing touches — like deciding whether I’m going to stencil the focal wall in the room. I’m thinking huge polka dots in metallic gold, at the moment, but that could change. Still, it’s satisfying to see the shared room come to life, and it’s made Ja’Naya more and more excited about meeting her little sister.

My hubby put together the stroller, and we’re installing the car seat in a few days. We’ve arranged for cord blood banking and we’ve let our pediatrician know my due date. We’ve checked a lot of things off the to do list. All of which makes me breathe a little easier because now, most of the “big” stuff is done and I can just relax and wait for my little lady’s arrival.

And all of this not a moment too soon, either.

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday, and I have every intention of relaxing and enjoying it. Along with some sparking apple cider and cake of some sort.

Also, since I skipped a week, I may be back next week with an update, or I may slack off again and wait two weeks. Time (and my energy level) will tell. Either way, in a few weeks, the pregnancy updates will cease and I’ll be introducing you to the newest member of the Petersen family. I can’t WAIT for that part! 🙂

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