Gift Giving: “Something to Wear”


I have been known to go overboard with my gift giving at Christmas time.What can I say? My favorite part of the day is not what I personally receive, but the looks on the faces of those people to whom I give gifts. Meaningful, useful gifts that they hopefully will love. But this year, with the baby on the way and other things going on, going overboard just isn’t going to happen. So I’m subscribing to a gift-giving mantra I’ve seen all over the internet in recent weeks and in years past. The concept is simple. Particularly for kids, or at least those in your household, give:

Something you want. Something you need.
Something to wear. Something to read.

When Walmart offered me the opportunity to buy and share some apparel gifts for my family, I knew this would be the perfect chance to fulfill the “something to wear” part of that mantra. Typically, we would buy Christmas pajamas for everyone, but this year, the kids actually need clothes, so I figured I’d try something different.

For the Boys


Both my husband and stepson are basketball lovers, and my stepson is actually planning to try out for the school basketball team. This means they both practically live in basketball shorts or athletic pants and t-shirts — most of which have seen better days. I was thrilled to find that Walmart carries really high-quality basketball gear not just from their store brands, but from And 1 — a brand I’ll actually be able to get my stepson to wear.

For my hubby, I choose a great pair of And 1 basketball shorts that were on clearance for just $5, and an athletic top that will wick away moisture when he’s playing ball. For my stepson, I chose a pair of And 1 warmup pants marked down to just $9 and the same athletic top as my hubby, though in a different color. The quality of these pieces is really amazing and comparable to the stuff I’ve bought them in the past from athletic stores. Clearly, the prices at Walmart are a ton better. (aff)

For the Girls


My daughter has hit (yet another) growth spurt, and she’s leapfrogged in sizes all the way to a 12. To put that in perspective, she’s 8 years old, but very tall and — how shall I put this? — hippy. This means she’s outgrowing clothes a lot faster than I can replace them. So for her, I wanted to find a nice piece that she could wear to school or for dress up. I actually spotted this fox sweater weeks ago at a different store and knew I had to have it. I was SO happy to find that my regular store carried it and that it was just $9.98.

And because she has a thing for cool socks and anything fuzzy, I got a pair of fuzzy, aloe-infused spa socks for her and a pair for myself. Mama has to get something too, right? Actually, I got two things. I found a Genie Bra on sale for just $5, and the pregnancy has brought on the need for some new, larger and more comfortable bras. I think I need to go back and get one or two more. (aff)


I was actually really impressed by the selection of available apparel that would work for gifting, and by how much we were able to get for right around $50. Catching the back end of a couple of Black Friday leftovers, like the Genie Bra, really helped the budget. And even if I hadn’t bought clothes, I also considered shoes (my daughter also needs a pair of boots) and other accessories like scarves and hats, which I would definitely be more comfortable buying for someone outside my immediate family and with whose taste I’m not as familiar. In fact, I believe I’ll be going back to get a scarf that I’ll use to wrap a homemade gift for my daughter’s teacher. There’s just a lot to choose from, both in terms of necessities and things that would be nice to have.

DISCLOSURE: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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