Five Gorgeous & Uncommon Green Gift Ideas

Each year as the holidays approach, I have a lofty goal: To give as many eco-friendly gifts as possible. As the years have passed, I’ve gotten much better at this for two reasons:

  1. I make a lot of gifts by hand, and
  2. I know where to shop for the things I don’t make.

If there’s one store I can count on to offer unique eco-friendly gifts for everyone on my list — from the youngest to the oldest — it’s Uncommon Goods. I’ve been stalking their offerings for years and their products have graced my Christmas tree more than once.

Here are five of my top picks for green gifts from them — and trust me when I say it was difficult to choose just five:

1. Mother Nestling Birds Necklace


What mother on your list doesn’t want a sweet reminder of her favorite little people? Of course, this will also work if there’s someone on your list who just loves all things bird themed (*raises my hand*). As the picture shows, you can get one mama bird and up to four baby birds so it can be made to represent her real flock. So what makes them green? Well, they are handmade in North Carolina of recycled sterling silver. Price: $70-79 (aff)

2. Herban Men’s Grooming Set


Admit it: The men on your list are just a little bit tougher to shop for than the women. I can’t promise that this will be perfect for every man, but if he shaves and he likes smelling great (I have my own husband in mind, here), this is a great option. This gift set from Herban Lifestyle includes face soap, shaving oil, aftershave and facial lotion, all handmade in small batches using organic or fair trade oils, extracts and spices. Plus, they come boxed in 100% recycled paper packaging. Price: $40-60 (aff)

3. Gold Leaf Beer Bottle Tumbler Set


I personally get a real kick out of using fancy or unusual cups — which probably explains why there are so many mugs and glasses in our cabinet. To be fair, I do use them all the time, and if someone gave these to me as a gift, I’d definitely add them to my regular rotation. The artist uses cleans and polishes reclaimed beer bottles, cuts them down to size and polishes the lip smooth. Finally, he adds beautifully abstract 23K gold leaf, which is fused with the glass so it won’t scratch or wear off. Golden. Price: $56 for set of 2 (aff)

4. Wooden Clutch


Sooo…I like to think of myself as a fashionista, and that is sometimes incongruous with my desire to buy green. This purse, however, brings my desire to be cute and kind to the Earth back into alignment. And even if the fashionista on your list isn’t trying to be eco-chic, she’ll appreciate the fact that she’s unlikely to ever run into anyone else with her purse. These are handmade in San Francisco of redwood beams reclaimed from salvage yards and they feature a magnetic closure to keep all her valuables intact. Price: $58 (aff)

5. Eco Bonks


Finally, I had to include at least one for the kids on your list. These inflatable toys will give them a way to expend all their energy — punching, kicking and otherwise disturbing these cute animals to their heart’s content. Abigail Elephant, Jackson Bear and Logan Penguin are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA, so they’re U.S. natives. Each comes with a removable 100% organic cotton cover, and even the vinyl used for the inflatable body is greener than you might think. It is made with ECM MasterBatch Pellets, a revolutionary technology that makes petroleum-based plastics biodegradable. Plus, they’re BPA-free. Price: $38-60 (aff)

If none of these gifts work for you, Uncommon Goods has a ton more to choose from for just about anyone on your list. I know I’ve personally been able to tick a couple people off mine.

But if you’re still stumped for ideas, check out the Green Gift Guide over at Green Your Decor, which includes gifts from Uncommon Goods and a ton of other places to help you shop green for the holidays.

Disclosure: I have received compensation for sharing these gift ideas with you. However, as usual, all opinions are my own and 100% authentic.

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