Easy DIY Studded Clutch with Darby Smart

There are a couple of things that make a DIY project attractive to me:
1. The finished product promises to be beautiful.
2. The project is easy to do.

If a project meets both these requirements, it’s a no-brainer that I’ll try it at least once. Darby Smart is a company that completely gets my DIY habit. They make ready-made boxes filled with all the materials you need to complete a specific craft. I received one of these kits as a Klout perk, and though I couldn’t choose which one I received, I couldn’t be happier with it.


My kit contained a fabulous, if plain, oversized cobalt blue faux leather clutch, ready and waiting for embellishment. What?! I don’t think there could’ve been a more perfect box for me.

You’ll Need/Get:


  • Plain clutch
  • Pyramid studs
  • Fabric Glue

The “making” process was pretty simple. I first laid out my studs on top of the clutch to decide how I wanted to place them. It took a bit of trial and error to figure out a pattern that worked for me, but I eventually decided to embellish one corner. Then, because I had a few studs left, I laid out a small line in the opposite corner.


Having laid out my studs, I used a bit of fabric glue to attach them in place. I initially started off putting the glue on the stud, then trying to lay it down, but that got messy quickly. Instead, I put a small dot of glue on the clutch, then laid the stud on top of it. This proved a much more effective technique.


The last step is letting it dry, because it needs to sit for 12-24 hours. I was initially skeptical about whether the fabric glue would work at all, because I could still move the studs around even a few minutes after putting them on the glue. But left overnight, I woke up to a clutch with strongly attached studs. I have no worries that they’ll fall off. And even if they do, I still have a whole bottle of fabric glue left, so I can reattach it.


Darby Smart is the perfect concept for a serial crafter like me. I will make anything once, but I rarely repeat my projects. I’d LOVE to receive one of these kits as a gift, and I can think of more than a few people to whom I could give one.

There are boxes for everything from jewelry to bags, housewares and more. This is one of those ideas I wish I’d come up with first! I will absolutely be stalking the Darby Smart website for new boxes, and if I’m feeling particularly crafty, I may even try to become a box designer!

What do you think of the Darby Smart concept? Would you try a box?

Also, speaking of gifts, this year’s Green Gift Guide over at Green Your Decor is ready and rearing to go, so if you’re looking for eco-friendly or handmade gift ideas, head over there and check it out! I’ll be adding more ideas throughout the season.

Disclosure: I received a Darby Smart DIY kit as a Klout perk. However, I was not required to write about it or paid to do so. I just really love this product! As usual, all opinions are my own.

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