26-Week Baby Bumpdate: Mama’s Feeling Good

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It feels SO good to finally say I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where I physically feel my best. First trimester woes are long gone, and third trimester fatigue is still a ways off, so I’m right in the middle and truly enjoying my pregnancy. That’s a good thing, because emotionally, I’m on a bit of a rollercoaster. It doesn’t take much for me to get all up in my feeling these days. For example, an episode of Sons of Anarchy or a picture of a cute baby on Facebook. Tears and emotions at the drop of a dime, I tell you.

But it doesn’t help that lately, I’ve had quite a few things to get in my feelings about. I will share one of these stories in the coming days, but I have to process it before I can write about it. For now, I’m just thankful for the reminder that God is real.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for a sob story, right? Here’s a pic of my 26- week baby bump.


I promise, I’m still getting the “are you pregnant?” looks, and surprised faces from people when I tell them I am. I still haven’t really “popped”, and I tend to get hippy and spread out horizontally when I’m pregnant, rather than some women look to be all belly.

Still, I take lots of pleasure in my burgeoning middle, and I honestly feel more beautiful and sexier than ever. I don’t know if that’s just the hormones, but there’s something about creating life that makes you feel confidence and semi-invincible. Physically, anyway ­čÖé I feel my best when I’m wearing clothes that make it obvious I’m a mama to be, rather than big, baggy things that hide that fact.

There’s no news to report on the medical front, which is a good thing. Weight gain, blood pressure and the baby’s growth all look as they should, which is about all I can ask for.

So until next time, say a prayer for me that the emotional rollercoaster slows down, and that I keep feeling as great in my skin as I do today. I’m going to need to remember this feeling in a few weeks when I start wishing this was finally over ­čÖé

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  • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On October 26, 2013, 1:06 pm

    And mama is looking good too! This was always my favorite stage of pregnancy, showing but not miserable. ­čÖé I love that you’re showing off your bump!

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