24-Week Baby Bumpdate: Little Breakdancer

The weeks have been ticking along steadily, and I didn’t do an update last week because there wasn’t a whole lot to report.

The baby is growing steadily, and this little lady must be an aspiring breakdancer. I’d notice it immediately if her movements changed, because she moves. So. Much. Sometims, when I’m sitting up, I can feel her all the way up in my chest. Whew!

I feel like my belly has grown considerably in the past few weeks:


I’ve also finally started to gain a few pounds. Although I hadn’t been sick, I also hadn’t been gaining much weight. My doctor seemed a little concerned about it, but I’ve gained a couple since my last visit, so that should make her happy.

Speaking of visits, on my next appointment next week, I have to do the gestational diabetes test. I understand that it’s essential, but I am sincerely not looking forward to it. Once of the things about my pregnancy with my daughter that I remember vividly is that test and how unpleasant it was to down the syrupy, sickly sweet drink used to administer it. But I shall do it, and get it over with.

More than anything, I’m just thankful that, beyond typical first trimester woes and some expected twinges and pains here and there, this pregnancy has been healthy and relatively uneventful. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

Right now, I have stars in my eyes about what the nursery will look like, particularly now that we’ve decided the baby will share a room with her big sister. I have an idea for the room, and I’ll share it in the coming weeks.

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