20 Week Baby Bumpdate: Halfway There!

Every week, I’ve been saying I’m going to start doing pregnancy updates, but I’ve kept putting it off. But this week marks a pretty big pregnancy milestone, so I thought it would be a good time to stop procrastinating.

I’m 20 Weeks pregnant, also known as halfway to the finish line!


Being pregnant has been strange for me this time. Remember, the last time I did this was 8 years ago, so I’m more than a bit far removed from the process. Had that been my only experience, I would’ve thought pregnancy was mostly rainbows and sunshine. My first pregnancy was relatively uneventful, with no throwing up and only some fatigue and heartburn to indicate the changes happening to my body. This time has been a lot different. Not bad, per se, but different.

I definitely FEEL pregnant this time, even on the days when I have a lot of energy. I am feeling a lot of stretching and tightening in various parts of my abdomen and pelvis, which makes quick movements and even sneezing an adventure in pain tolerance. Lots of foods and drinks — too many, doggone it — just taste different and leave a horrible aftertaste in my mouth. My husband’s cologne, which I used to love, currently makes me gag — though not nearly as badly as it did during my first trimester. And my boobs. My poor boobs have been tender and painful since day 1.

There have just been a lot of small changes that make me at once feel like a superhero who is creating life and a wimp who is constantly wincing and complaining about everything.

But in spite of all that, there is one thing that immediately puts it all into perspective: Feeling the baby move. And boy, can he or she move! This time around, I felt the movements a lot earlier, at about 16 or 17 weeks. Now at 20 weeks, the movements are really strong, particularly when I’m eating. I guess the kid loves food 🙂

And in even bigger news, next week, we’re supposed to find out the sex of the baby!

We definitely want to know, because that little tidbit will make it a lot easier to spread out expenses over the next few months since shopping for gender neutral anything tends to be an exercise in futility. So, next week’s post should be an exciting one 😉

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  1. Congrats! This is so exciting. Is your daughter excited? Mya is 7 and I want another one so badly. She wants to be a big sister! I am working on losing weight before getting pregnant and with any luck, I’ll be pregnant this time next year!

    Good luck to you and can’t wait to read more about your pregnancy.

    1. Thanks Kristina! My daughter is so excited that she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s been an only child (at home) for a long time, so this will be a big change.

      And I honestly think that my weight loss over the months before I got pregnant helped a lot. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I weighed 178. This time, I was right around 184 when I got pregnant. Everyone’s body is different, but it seems that my sweet spot for fertility is in the 175-185 lbs. range. I don’t have any scientific evidence of this, but it’s been a LONG time since I weighed in the 180s, and I hadn’t gotten pregnant anytime before that, so that is my anecdotal conclusion…lol.

      I genuinely wish you the best and that Mya gets her wish!

  2. Yay ! I am excited for next week. I know these feelings all too well and still remember them, but like you say when you start feeling those kicks you forget about everything. 20 more weeks girl , You can do it !!!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Ciaa! Lmao! I look forward like, “Wow! 20 more weeks! That’s a long time!” And then I realize we don’t have a crib, or any furniture or baby stuff, and I’m then think that’s not even enough time to get prepared! We’re excited though, and hopefully that will outweigh all the crazy things pregnancy will make you think and feel 🙂

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