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April was a light thrifting month for me. I was crazy busy and didn’t go out a whole lot, and I’ve been trying to cut back on shopping — even when I do it with a small budget.

That said, the things I did find are already in steady rotation in my closet — confirmation that they were good buys and a reminder that quality is more important than quantity. Here are my finds:

City DKNY Blazer

Found at: Alexis Suitcase. I love blazers, but I’m very particular about how they fit. Most of the ones I’ve owned just didn’t fit right. This one, however, fits like a glove. It has a single button and the fabric has a slight stretch that makes it hug my hips unlike any blazer I’ve ever worn. I’ve already worn it a bunch of times. You may recognize it from my turn on the red carpet at the 42 movie premiere. On that occasion, I wore it with my next find…

Gaiam Maxi Dress

Found at: Alexis Suitcase. Of late, I have become a huge fan of maxi dresses. Slip them on with some cute shoes, and you’re done. And with a change of accessories, a different jacket or top, shoes, etc., you can wear them a million different ways. This thing is so ridiculously comfortable that it feels like wearing pajamas. Seriously, I need to go to the Gaiam website and find it in a bunch of other colors. It’s that awesome.

Michael Kors One-Sleeve Top

Found at: Alexis Suitcase. You can never go wrong with a black top, and I love the one-sleeve detail on this one. It fits really well and still has enough coverage that I won’t feel half-naked or unsupported.

Ralph Lauren Tie-Neck top

Found at: Alexis Suitcase. This top looks simple, but the top silhouette of it is asymmetrical and really unique. It’s hard to describe, but it’s the perfect complement to a pencil skirt in almost any color and can be dressed up or down.

Vintage Floral Dress

Found at: Goodwill. I picked this up off the rack and was tempted to put it down, but something made me take it to the fitting room. I’m really glad I did. I LOVE the fit and flare silhouette and even the drop waist (which I usually hate on my body). I also love the bow details in the back. I’ll have to do some altering to the back straps because I’m so busty, but I can’t wait to wear it this spring and summer.

Max & Cleo Dress

Found at: Goodwill. This dress is a size…small! Can you believe that? When you do a lot of thrifting, you eventually learn to spot things that will fit your body, regardless of the size on the tag. I knew that this quality stretch fabric would fit, and though it’s a tiny bit snug in the bodice, it looks intentional and has a pinup quality to it.

Ann Taylor Purse

Found at: Goodwill. I generally don’t look at a lot of accessories when I’m thrift shopping, and I really don’t know why. I’ve been trying to do more of that, because I really don’t need any more clothes. I’ve also found myself wearing the same accessories and purses over and over again, so I’m trying to find some variety. I love this small purple suede clutch. The color is one of those neutral purples that doesn’t have too much red or too much blue, so I can use it with a lot of other colors.

Marc Jacobs wedges

Found at: Goodwill. Usually, my Goodwill separates luxury brands and marks them up a bit from other shoes. For example, while you’d pay $5.95 for your average pair of shoes, ones from BCBG or Prada (gasp!) might run you between $20 and $50. So imagine my surprise that these Marc Jacobs wedges were sitting with all the other shoes for less than $6! They’re not exactly my size, but I snatched them up anyway knowing that I can eventually re-sell them.

That’s all I bought for the entire month of April, and I have yet to go thrifting in May. What are your favorite finds?

If you want to do some online thrifting of your own, head over to the Green & Gorgeous shop, where I’ve recently listed a bunch of new items!

Now, it’s your turn

What have you found while thrifting lately? Leave a link to your latest thrifting haul, whether you found clothes, furniture or any other treasure. You can even link to an outfit post if it contains thrifted items. Put it in the linky below so we can all swoon over the great deals you scored! All I ask is that you link back here so others can find the linky. If you like buttons, you can grab this one and add it to your post or your sidebar:

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  1. You found some great deals. I especially love the red dress. I have not gone thrifting for a while now because I been so busy. But come Monday its on for 50% off.

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