Family Game Night = Dancing & Football

It is no secret that we are big gamers in my family, we all love the In the past 6 months as I have worked to lose weight and develop healthy habits, 99% of my exercise has come from active video games or YouTube videos. So I’m always looking for something new, and fun, to add to my collection to keep me interested in working out and keep my family active. Given that dancing is among my daughter’s and my favorite interests and we have a bunch of dance games in our collection, adding Just Dance 4 to the mix was only natural. We recently had a family game night centered on dance and football. And boy, did we have a blast!

We started by popping some low fat popcorn and gathering some other healthy snacks, along with big glasses of water. Dancing works up a sweat and an appetite.

This is the first version of Just Dance that we’ve gotten for the XBOX with Kinect rather than the Wii, and let me tell you — the difference is remarkable.

On the Wii, a lot of dances feel repetitive and almost too simple. It’s really easy to outsmart the game by simply moving your right hand, which hold the controller. On Kinect though, you have to actually put in some effort to get the moves right. It doesn’t require as much precision as Dance Central, for example, to get a good score, but you do have to move your whole body.

My daughter and husband got the party started.

I couldn’t help myself. I made video. And laughed uncontrollably while editing it. Take a look:

But I didn’t get off easy. Not at all. My hubby didn’t record video, but he did snap a bunch of photos to capture the ridiculousness. Here’s an animated gif of my and my daughter’s dance for your viewing pleasure:


One thing I can say I really appreciate about Just Dance 4 is that it allows four people to play at the same time. Our living room isn’t quite big enough to do that without us running into each other, but if we had a bigger room, it’s nice to know we can all play as a family. The song selection is also pretty awesome. Both my husband and I are from the Caribbean, and we’ve passed our love of reggae music onto our daughter. We always gravitate toward songs with a reggae feel, or world music. There aren’t many, but I’m glad at least a few were included.

Our next stop on movie night? Over to the PlayStation to play Madden 2013. It probably goes without saying that my husband was more excited about this than anyone else, but I admit, it’s pretty cool. The graphics are awesome, and according to my husband and daughter, the controls in this new version really take the game play experience to another level. I watched them play a couple of games, and my daughter is actually pretty good!

If you have a family full of gamers like ours, you’ll be happy to learn about the GamerNetwork, a great online resource to help you find video games for the whole family can enjoy. They can answer your questions any video game on any console, because real gamers are available to supply their extensive knowledge about them. Follow @GamerNetworkHQ on Twitter and send them your questions!

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with video games to try as well as compensation for sharing our family game night and The Gamer Network with you. Participation is voluntary and, as usual, all opinions are my own.

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