Still Going Strong with #Cinchspiration , Even After I Failed for a Few Days (+Weigh In)

I am just starting the ninth week of the Shaklee 180 program, and I’d be a liar if I said it was always easy. It’s not. But then again, few things worth doing are easy all the time, right?

The week of my daughter’s birthday, I failed. I promised in my last post that I would have only one cupcake on my daughter’s birthday. I did pretty well there. We didn’t buy cupcakes, but rather a 1/4 sheet cake, and I had only one small piece. No problem there. However, my husband promised my daughter that we’d take her out to dinner for her birthday. Her choice? Red Lobster. Oh, boy.

My main meal choice was pretty decent: Salmon, steamed broccoli and rice pilaf. And I didn’t even eat the rice.

The problem was the other stuff. We have a saying in the Virgin Islands: “My eyes were bigger than my stomach.” I had one cheddar bay biscuit, which wasn’t terrible by itself, but I followed it with a side of shrimp scampi and a super sweet virgin daiquiri that had to contain at least 400 calories by itself. I couldn’t even drink the whole thing because it was so sweet! It was at that moment that I realized how much my palate has changed in these 8 weeks. In years past, there was no such thing as “too sweet.”

Even though I stopped short of eating everything in front of me, for the first time since I started Shaklee 180, I went over my calorie count. And not by a few. It was more like 200-300 calories over. I beat myself up for a minute, but then my fellow Shaklee 180 blogger buddies reminded me that every day is a new day and we all mess up sometimes.

I picked myself up. I thought. But then the rest of that week got away from me. I kept rationalizing that I could eat cake (we still had a lot left) if I only ate one small piece a day and stayed inside my calorie count. No biggie right? Maybe, but we also had takeout for dinner one night and pizza another. And the day we had pizza, my meal schedule was all out of whack.

The good news? I didn’t gain any weight. The bad news? I didn’t lose any either. For a whole week and a half. So while staying within my calorie allotment for those remaining days helped me at least stay stagnant, obviously, the crappy calories I was eating weren’t helpful. Drinking the shakes and eating the meal bars weren’t the problem, but my other choices were.

But last week, I got back on the saddle, and I did better and ate healthier. And what do you know? As of this morning, I’d lost another 2.5 lbs! So here’s this month’s before and after pics, along with my weigh in and measurements:

Can you see the difference? I can, finally!

I’ve lost a total of 14 lbs. and 14 inches. Woo hoo! I was hoping for 16 pounds by this point, but you know what? I’ll take it!

And even better, I went shopping with my family this weekend. I bought a pair of size 16 skinny jeans thinking they’d be my goal pants. But lo and behold, I took them home and they actually fit! They’re a tiny bit snug, but still, they fit! I haven’t worn a size 16 in years!

So that’s my cinchspiration this month. Those jeans. I’ve gotta beat them and get in a size 14 🙂 So I’m going to push even harder this time to meet my goal of 24 pounds in 12 weeks. Either way, my goal for the 6 months of the program is 40 pounds lost. We’re 1/3 of the way there, and I’ve lost 14, so I’m actually on track to lose a little more than that. Let’s hope it stays that way!

My girl Akilah of Execumama posted something today that really resonated with me. She reminded all of us to dream small sometimes. When the big goal (in my case, 80 lbs.) seems insurmountable, focus on a smaller goal. Eat ONE healthy meal. Aim for ONE workout. She also reminded me that I was already practicing this technique, even without realizing it. I swear, that woman lives in my head sometimes! Check out her ridiculously empowering words.

So instead of beating myself up about the things I didn’t accomplish this month, I’ll be happy about the things I did, and look forward to next month.

Disclosure: I was chosen by Shaklee to be a #Cinchspiration blogger. As a result, I will receive a 6-month supply of Shaklee 180 products along with online support and incentives as I document my journey. As usual, all opinions are authentic and mine.

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  1. Jennnae – kudos on your weight loss! I really struggle even to lose a few pounds so I think 14 and counting is great work! Just thought I’d send some support as you are bravely sharing your journey and I know how hard it is. Thanks for the reminder that it’s about changing habits and even tastes in order to keep it up for the long term.

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