Fighting Hunger is Easy with Walmart

I’d like to believe that most of us are kindhearted folks who’d love to help others, if only we knew how and had the means. Well thanks to Walmart, you can do your part to help fight hunger simply by doing two things you’re probably already doing: Grocery shopping and spending time on Facebook. When you consider that more than 50 million people (yes…50 million) in this country have no idea where their next meal will come from, that seems like the least we can do, if we have the means.

Give While You Shop

As the largest retailer in the world, you’d expect Walmart to care about this staggering number, and I’m happy to say that they do. They have committed to $2 billion in donations through the year 2015. That’s billion — not million. As part of that effort, Walmart is working with huge food companies like ConAgra, General Mills, Kellogg’s and Kraft to give more than 42 million meals to food banks throughout the nation. But they need your help. Through the end of April, if you purchase select products in Walmart stores from these brands, you can help fight hunger as well.

Check out the video below to find out what you can do:

Remember that each product will come with specific instructions for redeeming the meal code, so be sure to follow the instructions on your specific package.

Give via Facebook

You can also help the cause by visiting Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Together App on Facebook. The 200 communities throughout the nation with the highest unemployment rates have been identified and featured on the app. All you have to do is choose your state and vote for a community in your area to receive funding to help fight hunger. When all the votes are tallied, 21 communities will receive funding. The highest vote-getter will receive $1 million, and 20 others will each receive $50,000, for a total of $2 million directly from Walmart.

This takes literally a few seconds to do, and it can mean the difference between a person in your community having food to eat or going hungry. And in fact, you can vote for each community once a day. I’ve voted for several communities in my area a couple of times, and I hope that you take a moment to do the same.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. I was provided with compensation for my time and effort in sharing their Fighting Hunger initiative with you — though I would have gladly shared this awesome cause with you for free. Participation is voluntary and as usual, all opinions are my own.

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