Need New Shoes? Work with What You’ve Got

Lately, I’ve actually been starting to enjoy getting dressed up. Imagine that. For years, I hated dressy clothes and high heels, and shopping for clothes and shoes was even worse. Recently though, I’ve been trying a couple of things: Consignment shopping (I’d done this for household items often, but rarely for clothes or shoes), buying patterns so I can attempt to make my own, and reworking items I already have. Need a good example of how to do that last one? Check out these simply, but fabulous shoe makeovers, courtesy of Better After:



This fabulous makeover is so simple, it’s ridiculous! Who knew a simple scarf could elevate a boring pair of shoes to fabulous! I’m filing this one away in my To Do folder. Here’s the tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes.



Maybe you’ve seen some designer shoes you love, but can’t afford. Do like Geneva did when she created these Burberry inspired beauties: Embellish a pair that’s already in your closet! See her steps at A Pair and a Spare.

Both of these changes are quick and painless, but they make a big difference in making the shoes truly special. This kind of ingenuity inspires me to look at “old” things in new ways.

What about you? Have you ever made a small change to something you already own that made a big difference?

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