I ♥ Heartsy: Great Deals on Handmade Goods from Etsy

If you know me, you know that I love sites like Pure Citizen, Blissmo and Groupon that allow me to get great deals on eco-friendly products. Well, like those sites, Heartsy offers big savings on a variety of products. But Heartsy is doing something that I haven’t seen anywhere else: They focus solely on handmade products, most of which come from sellers on Etsy.

Like other flash sale sites, Heartsy’s offers are live for a limited time — or more specifically, until they sell a pre-determined number of deals. You might pay $10 for a $20 voucher to a specific Esty shop, and sometimes the deals are even better than 50% off. Heartsy also has another program I haven’t seen elsewhere — VIP perks. If you become a paid VIP member for $7.99/ month, you get access to the deals before everyone else. In some cases, VIPs also get a larger voucher for the same price. So when everyone else might get a $50 for $25, a VIP might get $65 instead. Obviously, the VIP program is worth it only if you plan to use Heartsy a lot.

If you’ve heard of Etsy, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours going through shops full of products handmade with love by people just like you and I — often at the their kitchen tables or in their basements or garages. I’m sorry, but mass-produced goods just can’t compare — despite their convenience.

It was on Etsy that I discovered my favorite soaps among all my favorites, Nostalgia Organics. It was there that I found a beautiful toy box handmade by a mom who was kind enough to donate it when we redesigned my daughter’s room. Suffice it to say, I’ve discovered too many shops to count. Now I just have to wait patiently for those shops to show up on Heartsy so I can grab a great deal!

Disclosure: If you sign up for Heartsy through any of the links above, I will receive a $5 store credit when you make your first purchase.

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  1. When you buy handmade crafts, you are supporting an artist who has put utmost care, creativity and love into that object. We have lots of talented and promising artisans around the world.

  2. Even I agree that handmade eco friendly goods have a different feel than the regular mass-produced goods. It is good to know that these environment friendly goods are being promoted so well. Thanks for sharing.

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