Recyclebank Rewards: Now You Really Have No Excuse

Recycling can be a nuisance. Trust me…I know. There is no curbside recycling in our county, so we save our recyclables and take them to the county recycling center once every 2-3 weeks. But the fact remains that recycling is important enough to us that we found a way to make it work, even though it’s not terribly convenient. For some people, neither curbside nor municipal recycling is available. In that case, I’d recommend being very careful about what you buy so you don’t have much to recycle in the first place. In fact, I’d recommend that to everyone.

For those of us who want to take our recycling to the next step and need a little extra incentive, there are programs that will reward you for doing it. Recyclebank is a great program that works with some cities and municipalities to offer rewards to customers who do their regular curbside recycling. The only downside? Their curbside program is available only in a very limited number of areas. However, consumers across the nation can take advantage of Recyclebank in a variety of ways.

Anyone can participate in their electronics recycling program, which accepts old cell phones and gadgets in exchange for rewards points. You also can earn points for completing various tasks at their site, like watching videos related to sustainability, answering quizzes, pledging to recycle your Kashi cereal boxes or signing up for eBay’s green team. Even without curbside recycling, I’ve managed to accumulate 471 points, and rewards start at just 10 points.

Think of it as Swagbucks for your green side. You can exchange your points for a variety of rewards, many of which are specifically related to sustainability. There are coupons for big savings on your favorite grocery products from Kashi, Happy Baby, Earthbound Farms Organics or Honest Tea, and you’ll also find discounts for restaurants like Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesday and other tangible and experiential rewards. In addition, each week, there are “Hot Deals,” which you can get for a drastically reduced amount of points. For example, this week, you can redeem a coupon for $6 off on 2 dinner entrees at Olive Garden for just 10 points (reduced from 150 points). These hot deals are up only for a very limited time. I will post them regularly on the Green Your Decor coupons page, so you’ll be able to find them there if you’re interested.

The Recyclebank Green Schools Program

I’m also a big fan of their Green Schools initiative. Every semester, Recyclebank gives environmental project grants of up to $5,000 to schools in communities that offer Recyclebank home recycling.They give $10 for every 100 points donated to a school, and members can donate points to the schools of their choice — whether it is one in your community or not.  The mission of this program is “to motivate individuals and communities to realize a world where nothing is wasted,” starting with impressionable students.

Given that signing up for Recyclebank is free, there really is no downside. Sign up today!

Disclosure: If you sign up for Recyclebank through my referral link, I will receive 10 points.

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  1. Yes, agree with you. Recycling has many advantages, the chief among them being keeping waste away from landfills and protecting the environment. One important motivating factor for recycling, that we overlook sometimes, is that recycling can also help us earn some money. It is fast becoming a lucrative business with people gradually getting on the bandwagon and earning money from their trash rather than throwing it away.

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