Who Says Earrings Have to Match? Not This Designer

I’ve become a bit of a jewelry junkie ever since I started embracing my natural hair — particularly with earrings. Before that, I was content to wear a single pair of small gold hoops that I’d had since forever. But big, bold earrings have become part of my natural swag, and I admit I’m a little obsessed with finding new, handmade options.

I’d much rather support an independent artisan than buy accessories made in a factory somewhere (though I’ll admit I’ve been sucked in my the great accessories at Target a time or two). And these earrings? All I can say is: Me. Likey.

I remember seeing a picture of an old college friend on Facebook in which she was wearing two different earrings. I loved the look and told her so, but never thought twice about trying it myself. Until now.

The thing about these earrings, made by etsy seller peaceimagesjewelry, is that even though each side is completely different, the two somehow make sense together. Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself since I want them so bad, but they really feel like a pair even though they don’t look like one.

Of course, if you’re not feeling quite so adventurous, she also makes matching pairs that are equally as fly, along with necklaces and other pieces. All I know is, I’ll become a customer in the very. near. future.

Why It’s Green:

  • Handmade by an independent artist

Price: Ranges from $7 for simple studs to $116.50 for more elaborate pieces

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