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I’m going to take up yoga again. If this sounds like an abrupt decision, trust me when I tell you it’s not. I took up yoga about 5 or 6 years ago, back when I was doing the Atkins diet and really trying to get back in shape and stay healthy. Then life happened. My husband was in a near-fatal car-accident, and for months my life was turned upside down. Dieting and exercise were the last things on my mind.

He’s still recovering, but we’re far enough along in the process that we’re both able to focus on other things (like my blogs, for example). Lately, I’ve really been wanting to start working out again, and I really enjoyed yoga when I was doing it. I enjoyed the relaxation it brought, along with the soreness I could feel from using muscles that had long been neglected. I was no expert, mind you. I was working from a couple of home videos that taught the basics. I could do downward facing dog, a sun salutation and a very small number of other poses and sequences, but that was about it.

This time around, I want to go all out. I’m considering taking a class if I can make it work in my schedule and my budget. If not, I’ll get some more videos and continue to do it at home. And I just learned of yogaglo via the Alternative Consumer. Yogaglo offers online yoga classes for just $18 a month, and there are three course levels, depending on your experience. Given my introverted nature, this sounds like a option that would really work for me.

I want to make yoga a part of my daily routine, on every weekday, at the very least. I want to become so balanced and agile that the poses become nearly effortless. I want to be healthy. My bloggy buddy Ananda over at Go Green Sangha would be proud of me.

If you happen to be in Athens, GA, here are some yoga studios that offer classes. I found them via YogaFinder.com, and it looks like they have listings for studios throughout the nation. Wherever you are, any ladies care to join me on this journey? I promise it can only leave us better than the way we started 🙂

Athens, GA Yoga Studios

Five Points Yoga
1687 S. Lumpkin St., Athens, GA 30605
Phone: 706-355-3114
Style: Vinyasa, Anusara, Forrest, Tai Chi, Pilates

Athens Power Yoga
750 N. Chase St., Unit A, Athens, GA 30606
Phone: 706-425-1982
Style: Power Vinyasa

Mind Body Institute of Athens Regional Medical Center
1199 Prince Ave., Athens, GA 30606
Phone: 706-475-7329
Style: Mindful Hatha Yoga

Red Lotus Institute
2080 Prince Ave., Athens, GA 30606
Phone: 706-549-2913
Style: Classical Hatha, Yin, Kripalu, Power, Prenatal, Vinyasa, Restorative/Gentle, Meditation, Bellydance, Pilates

Sangha Yoga Studio
834 Prince Ave., Athens, GA 30606
Phone: 706-613-1143
Style: 6 styles

STUDIO in Athens
675 Pulaski St., Suite 1600 , Athens, GA 30601
Phone: 678-596-2956
Style: Classical Pilates, Therapeutic Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling and Reflexology

Remember, if you want to join me in my journey back to good health, leave a comment below and we’ll share information and get started 🙂 September apparently is National Yoga Month, and you can get a week of free classes at participating studios.

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  1. hey sistalove jennae. om blessings to you. i am sending you yoga vibes for wonderful yoga moments each day. you look yogini lovely in your photo. i am sending you and the fam lots of love and light as you support your husband in his recovery. i affirm his health and wholeness. hope to see you in atl at blogalicious. love and yoga light. ananda

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