Outfit: Getting Active with Avia Thumbnail

Outfit: Getting Active with Avia

I'm Wearing: Avia performance tank from Walmart  |  Avia performance capris from Walmart  |  Puma sneakers (similar) (aff) I'll start this off with a bit of honesty: I've become lazy. In fairness, I've had a good reason to slow down. Having a baby will do that to you. But baby Juliza was born six months ago, and it's about time [...]

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Let’s Eat Healthy Together This Summer Thumbnail

Let’s Eat Healthy Together This Summer

During the summer, many families will see their grocery bills increase a bit. With kids home all day every day, that means providing meals that they normally would've eaten at school. Plus snacks. And BOY, can kids snack! But while we're balancing our own food budgets, it's easy to forget about the kids who face a much bigger problem: Getting [...]

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Baby Juliza: Month 6 Thumbnail

Baby Juliza: Month 6

Ummm. Apparently, I blinked and wound up with a 6-month-old baby on my hands. I feel like I suddenly woke up to a child with tons of personality who can sit up and is interested in real food and who has hair I have to detangle. I'm amazed at how much her hair has grown. I amazed at how much [...]

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4th of July Outfit: DIY Scarf Top (+Tutorial) Thumbnail

4th of July Outfit: DIY Scarf Top (+Tutorial)

I'm Wearing: DIY scarf top with scarf from Walmart | Faded Glory jean shorts | OP striped tote bag | Thrifted Calvin Klein sandals (aff) Like most other people this weekend, I will be spending time with my family with good food and possibly some fireworks. I will obviously want to be comfortable for this, because what fun is a [...]

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Man Style: Affordable Polos and Shorts Thumbnail

Man Style: Affordable Polos and Shorts

The best way to describe my husband's style is cool and casual. He will dress up on occasion, but he is most comfortable wearing — well — comfortable clothes and fly sneakers. So when Walmart asked me to shop for men's polos and shorts for the summer, I knew both would be right up his alley. The selection was huge! There were [...]

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Outfit + Giveaway: 4 All Humanity Thumbnail

Outfit + Giveaway: 4 All Humanity

I'm Wearing: 4 All Humanity Chevron Flare Dress  |  Kelsi Dagger Genna sandals  | Dsenyo clutch | Dsenyo bracelets (aff) I've made it my mission to find fashion brands that are making stylish, eco-friendly clothing options for the plus size woman. Ideally, these brands would make items in extended sizes, but I'm also looking at companies that are at least [...]

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DIY Tie-Up Sandals for Young Fashionistas Thumbnail

DIY Tie-Up Sandals for Young Fashionistas

My oldest daughter grows like a weed. So much that she wears almost the same size shoe as me. She's 8. The challenge is that I'm forced to shop in the women's section for shoes that can fit her, but a lot of the styles are just a tad too grown up for my little girl. We typically end up buying basic [...]

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Baby Juliza: Month 5 Thumbnail

Baby Juliza: Month 5

This baby of mine. The one who was just born yesterday. She is five months old! Already. I promise you, it feels like I just announced my pregnancy, and now all of a sudden, I have this chunky, spunky baby to love and squeeze and kiss. She has a ton of personality, and I love every minute of it. Check [...]

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Father’s Day Gift for the Grillmaster Thumbnail

Father’s Day Gift for the Grillmaster

This year, my hubby and I have the best gift we could possibly get for Mother's or Father's Day: Baby Juliza. Still, I'll take any excuse I can get to make him feel extra special, because he really is an awesome dad. But what do you give a man who doesn't really need anything, and whose wants are slightly out [...]

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Outfit: 21 Jumpsuit Thumbnail

Outfit: 21 Jumpsuit

I'm Wearing: Forever 21 Jumpsuit (similar) |  Forever 21 crop top  |  DV by Dolce Vita sandals  |  DVF sunglasses  |  H&M necklace  |  Random bracelets (aff) I've been meaning to post this outfit for the better part of a week. Like we do every year, my family spent Memorial Day weekend celebrating during Atlanta's Caribbean Carnival. Since we're out in [...]

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